Caregiver’s Log, February 12, 2018

by Samra Jones Bufkins

We stayed up late watching the Olympics. As often happens, I fell asleep on the couch with the two kitties who are brothers at my feet. (We have 5 cats, two pairs of siblings and one outlier.)

In the wee hours of the morning I woke up, found Bill in the kitchen making a mess, and suggested we go to bed.

When I got to the bedroom, the boys (younger cats) didn’t follow us in. I have food and water bowls in the bedroom. That attracts them to the room at night, and we can close the door to give our 15-year-old girls (sisters) a break from the frat boys. I got their food container and shook it–that rattle usually brings them out of hiding. Nada. Silence. I looked around, and then realized I couldn’t find Goldie or Pudge, the dowager sisters, either.

We have a room that is a converted garage. It’s a lovely sunroom currently being used as a junk room. It’s down four steps from a hallway at the back of the house. I walked over to the door to the downstairs room and heard a faint meow. I opened the door and the 3 boys shot out of there like rockets. Then I saw the Alpha Cat, Pudge, on the back of the sofa down there–it’s a place she likes to sit on the rare occasions she goes there. I didn’t see Goldie, her more frail sister.

I put Bill to bed without incident, and fed the boys. I got a jacket (there’s no heat in the downstairs room because the furnace is broken) and went to look for Goldie, because I didn’t want her there in that cold in this cold snap. Goldie is so frail. Since she and Pudge don’t snuggle up together, I’m concerned that she might get sick. But I didn’t have much luck finding her, so I left the girls in the room for the night.

I studied our Canary video to see when Bill moved the cats. I knew he had to pick those girls and boys up and take them down there, one by one. Pudge is heavy and hard to carry–maybe she went on her own because the door was open. Goldie is a handful. Of course, but the boys will go down there on their own if the door is open.

I guess I’ll have to get a lock or alarm for that door.

I can’t imagine what possessed him to do that, but there’s no point in asking–he’ll deny it and get mad.

The next morning the girls came upstairs, and nobody seemed to have suffered from a night of extreme cold.

Bill and Goldie and Pudge

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