Caregiver’s Log, May 1, 2018

By Samra Jones Bufkins

Lately he’s been having hallucinations. My last post described him acting out against light fixtures and a ceiling fan. He has had illusions of people in the house before.

Today, after his doctor’s appointment to adjust his mood-stabilizing and antipsychotic meds, I noticed him in the kitchen, pointing at the window behind the table. His hand was trembling.

I approached him and unprompted, he said “These people need to get out of here!”

There was nobody else in the house.

There’s no point in correcting or arguing when things like this happen. I (somehow) calmly said to the “people” in the kitchen “OK guys, party’s over. Time for you to leave.”

I motioned for them to follow me and escorted them to the front door. Bill followed.

Once at the door, I opened it, thanked them for dropping by, and motioned them out. Then I closed the door. Bill looked at me and said “Thank you.”

Just another day in Alzheimer’s World.

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